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No Interest Loans (NILs) are a smart choice loan option to help you manage your money.  Borrow up to $2000 for essential goods and services with no fees, no interest, ever.  You pay back only what you borrow and nothing more.   

How does NILs work?   

There are times in life, despite how hard you try to keep on top of things, when unexpected expenses pop up.  Washing machine has broken down?  Unexpected car repairs?  NILs will pay the cost of these essential goods and services straight to the vendor.  Loans can not be used for cash, bills or debts 

What can I use a NILs loan for?

Loans are available up to $2000 for essential goods and services including:

  • Household essentials
  • Car Repairs and Registration
  • Medical & Dental
  • Technology
  • Housing
  • Education


Am I eligible?

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Have a Heath Care Card / Pension Card OR
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Earn less than $70,000 gross annual income as a single or $100,000 gross annual income as a couple or person with dependants OR
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Have experienced family or domestic violence in the last 10 years
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AND You can show that you have the capacity to repay the loan

How do I apply?


Call Good Shepherd’s No Interest Loan Team on 13 64 57


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Frequently Asked Questions

We also have No Interest Loans for vehicles

Find your nearest Provider

No Interest Loans are offered by 170 local community organisations in over 600 locations. Chances are there’ll be a No Interest Loan provider near you or one who can help over the phone.

What our No Interest Loan clients are saying



No Interest Loan Client

I was very relieved that I could get these items and then pay them off at an amount I could comfortably afford.

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No Interest Loan Client

I now feel confident in managing my money, empowered to make positive change, to make my own choices. I’ll benefit from this program for the rest of my life and will pass this on to my son as he gets older.

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No Interest Loan Client

When I found NILS, I was overjoyed as there is no interest.

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NILs isn't a payday loan and it's not a bank loan

NILs works through a process called ‘circular community credit’. This means when a borrower makes a repayment to NILs, the funds are then available to someone else in the community. It is worth considering a NILs loan first before seeking other expensive options for credit.

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