About Us

Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand was established by the Good Shepherd Sisters to bring together committed and compassionate people to address the urgent needs of our time. Together, we share responsibility for continuing the important work of social change, upholding human rights and finding positive ways to influence human progress.

ABN: 61 354 551 576

Your safety and wellbeing is important.

You have the right to feel safe whenever you spend time with us, use our services or visit our workplaces. Creating safe places for children, young people and adults is at the heart of our Good Shepherd mission. We are guided by our values, our policies and procedures, and the professional standards expected by the community. We affirm that your wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us. If you want to tell us about an experience you had with us, please call 03 9270 9700 or email us at info@goodshep.org.au

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