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Policy and Advocacy

Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand seeks positive change in laws, policies, social norms and behaviours through policy and advocacy which changes systems.

We identify barriers that women, girls and families face which are forgotten or misunderstood by law and policy makers, and provide innovative policy solutions. We work to advance equity and social justice, and to support our communities to thrive.

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About Social Policy

The social policy team is responsible for developing insights and advocacy in a range of critical areas of social policy. The team is focused on the contemporary challenges facing women, girls and families, in particular, gendered disadvantage, family and domestic violence, housing and homelessness, and financial security and wellbeing.

We aim to influence positive system change through the development of innovative policy solutions, policy submissions and recommendations and collaboration with government and community sector partners.

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Roslyn Russell

Director Research, Advocacy and System Impact

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Policy resources


Inquiry into Family Violence

A snapshot of our submission to 2020 Inquiry into Family, Domestic and Sexual Violence

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Modern Slavery Act (2018)

Submission to 2019 Inquiry into Modern Slavery Act (2018)

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Royal Commission into Mental Health System

Our Submission to the 2019 Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System