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What is Financial Abuse?

Financial abuse is a serious and widespread form of domestic and family violence where the abuser uses money to gain control and power.

If you’re in immediate danger, call 000.
If you need immediate support, call 1800 RESPECT.

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What are some signs of Financial Abuse?

Economic Well Being

Someone else deciding how the household income is spent.

Good Shepard Contact

Being forced to take out debt in your name.

Domestic and Family Violence

Your partner monitoring your spending and/or asking for receipts.

Former Resident Support

Your partner neglecting to pay child support or child care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Being denied access to your bank account.

Safety and Resilience

Working for a family business and not receiving payment.

Parent Family Support

Your partner making it difficult for you to get a job or earn money.

Research and Advocacy

Using your money to pay for all household expenses and not receiving discretionary income for yourself.

Loans and Insurance

Your partner gambling away your shared money.

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