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Youth General Counselling

We provide individual counselling to young people aged 12-24 facing challenges within the following areas:

  • Anxiety,
  • Depression,
  • Relationship and Social Issues including Isolation,
  • Grief and Loss,
  • Family Issues or Breakup.

We offer counselling face-to-face in our warm, inviting rooms in our Marrickville office. We also provide online and phone sessions for those who prefer this, although it is important for young people to have access to safe, private, and quiet spaces where these services are requested.

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Family Resilience Support

Family Resilience Support

We offer support to the individual parents and carers of young people receiving counselling, to provide holistic support to the family system. We focus on psychoeducation, practical strategies, and skill building to strengthen trust, empathy, and connection at home. Our education and tools are designed to build understanding of the effects of mental health and adversity on young people and their behaviour.

Parenting Programs

We provide group parenting programs which include education and strategies for supporting children and young people. We are currently updating the parenting programs offered, so please check back here soon to find out more about the additional programs we offer.

Workshops: Supporting Anxious Adolescents & Supporting Anxious Children

  • 2-hour, one-off workshops designed for the parents/carers of children or adolescents experiencing anxiety. These workshops provide information on the commonly reported types of anxiety children and adolescents experience, general evidence-based strategies and skill building for parents to implement with their children and adolescents.
  • Suitable for parents and carers who believe their child or young person may be experiencing anxiety wishing to receive general, foundational information and strategies or those who are seeking information on how they can support their young people in the home prior to deciding if more specialised support is required.
  • Specific and individual support can be accessed through referring to our counselling services or other suitable services, information of which are provided following each program.

Therapeutic Groups for Young People

We offer school-based therapeutic groups centred on the mind-body connection for young people who would benefit from practicing strategies to support emotional regulation and resilience building, including coping skills for stress and anxiousness. We organise our groups directly with schools.

Good Shepherd has been awarded The Rainbow Tick for our Family Violences Services program area. We are currently working towards Rainbow Tick accreditation for our Family Services program in Victoria and Youth and Family Services program in NSW.

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Homelessness Information


Read our report on the challenges and opportunities facing children and young people.

Parent Family Support

Youth Support

Download our report to learn how youth in their younger and middle years can be better supported.

Support Services

Family & Domestic Violence

Download the full 2020 Inquiry into Family, Domestic and Sexual Violence.

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Counselling NSW

Good Shepherd offers a range of specialist counselling services to young people aged 12-24 and their families.
Youth Specialist Sexual Violence, Trauma and Mental Health Counselling NSW

Youth Specialist Sexual Violence, Trauma and Mental Health Counselling NSW

Good Shepherd offers a range of specialist counselling services to young people aged 12-24 and their families.