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Report Summary

Submission to the House Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs.

Family violence has been described by policy makers as a ‘wicked’ problem, where the term ‘wicked’ is taken to mean that it is difficult to resolve, with no silver bullet solution (Neave, 2018). Indeed, despite the significant gains of the past five decades, policy responses have been insufficient to reduce the prevalence and severity of family, domestic and sexual violence. Such violence is, on the contrary, increasing in incidence and severity.


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The Inquiry

While the Inquiry seeks input in relation to prevention, our practice lies in the identification and response to FDSV through early intervention and sustained case work with at-risk women, children and their families. Therefore this submission responds most directly to the terms of reference which are focused on identification and response, whilst reinforcing the recommendations of our sector colleagues working in the area of primary prevention. This submission makes 45 substantive recommendations to inform improved prevention, intervention, response and recovery initiatives.