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To disrupt the intergenerational cycle of disadvantage and enable fullness of life,
especially for women and girls.

A woman dies at the hands of a current or former partner every week in Australia.

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2 May 2017

Andrews’ Government investing where it matters

Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand highly commends the Andrews’ Government for putting women and children at the centre of this year’s Victorian state budget. It has made a landmark investment to implement the recommendations of the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence and the Gender Equality Strategy.

11 May 2017

Federal Budget’s support of universal services undermined by divisive welfare approach

It was heartening to see a shift towards a more socially responsive agenda in the Federal Coalition’s 2017-18 Budget. The foundations of community wellbeing and cohesion, such as health, education and housing, have returned within the core business of government alongside the economy. This upholds the Government’s responsibility to support all its citizens.