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Help us build better affordable housing for women

We stand at the frontline of the housing and homelessness crisis, witnessing the severity of the problem, and we are taking action.
We are asking you to join us.

  • Older women aged 55 and over are one of the fastest growing cohorts of people experiencing homelessness in Australia (ABS, 2021).
  • Current housing solutions are inadequate in number and design.
  • We are building 40+ dwellings in Marrickville NSW for older women, that are affordable, safe and stable.
  • Our housing solution is being co-designed by women from the local community with lived experience and includes wrap-around health, support and wellbeing services that women most need.
  • Our houses are an Environmentally Sustainable Design that will radically reduce the cost of living by minimising water and energy bills for the women living in them.

Good Shepherd have invested significantly in this project and are looking to raise a total of $40m to provide a community of safe places to call home.

Your donation will go to directly supporting our Marrickville Affordable Housing solution, contributing to building these homes for women who are experiencing financial vulnerability and at risk of homelessness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for more information on Good Shepherd's Affordable Housing Project.
What is the Marrickville Housing Project by Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand?

The Marrickville Housing Project is a pioneering initiative to address the pressing issue of homelessness among older women, aged 55 and over, in Australia. Good Shepherd is building around 40 safe and affordable dwellings in Marrickville, New South Wales, specifically designed to provide a home for women experiencing vulnerability.

Why is this project essential?

Older women aged 55 and over represent one of the fastest-growing groups experiencing homelessness in Australia. Current housing solutions are insufficient in terms of both quantity and design. The Marrickville Housing Project aims to tackle this problem head-on by providing a dignified and secure living environment for these women.

How is the Marrickville Housing Project different from other housing initiatives?

What sets this project apart is its co-design approach. Women from an older demographic with lived experience of housing vulnerability are actively participating in shaping the project. This ensures that the housing solution aligns with the specific needs and aspirations of these women and the Marrickville community.

What additional services are included in this housing solution?

The Marrickville Housing Project goes beyond providing shelter. It includes wrap-around health, support, and well-being services tailored to address the unique needs of older women in the community. The project aims to create a holistic support system to allow older women to lead full and dignified lives.

How is the project funded?

Good Shepherd have invested significantly in this project and are looking to raise a total of $40m to provide a community of safe places to call home. Your donation will directly support the Marrickville Affordable Housing project, contributing to the construction of these homes for women experiencing vulnerability.

How will the Marrickville Housing Project address the concerns of the local community?

Our project aims to contribute to a more inclusive neighbourhood by offering secure housing to older women who may otherwise face homelessness. By alleviating the housing challenges faced by this specific group, we aim to enhance the community’s well-being and diversity.

Can the local community have a say in the project's design and development to ensure it aligns with their needs and concerns?

Yes, the Marrickville Housing Project values the input of the local community. We encourage you to actively participate in shaping the project to address your concerns and needs.

How can I get involved and support the project?

You can support the Marrickville Housing Project by making a donation to Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand. Your generous contribution will go directly to building these homes for women who need them the most. You can find more information on our website on how to make a donation.

How can I stay updated on the progress of the Marrickville Housing Project?

You can stay informed about the project’s progress and developments by visiting our website. We will regularly provide updates on the project, fundraising efforts, and milestones achieved.

How can I contact Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand for more information or inquiries about the Marrickville Housing Project?

For more information and any inquiries about the Marrickville Housing Project, you can email Good Shepherd. We are always happy to answer your questions and provide further details.

Where can I find out about emergency housing or government housing?

For support with emergency or temporary housing, please visit Ask Izzy .

For info on the government’s National Rental Affordability Scheme please visit DSS Housing Support .

If you’re in danger, please call 000.

If you need support with family and domestic violence or sexual abuse, please call 1800RESPECT or visit . You can also live chat with someone on this site.


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When you donate to Good Shepherd, you are partnering with us to support women, girls and families. We’re so grateful.

Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand (ABN 61 354 551 576) is a registered charity.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

If you would prefer to send a cheque, please address your donation to:
Good Shepherd
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