Women's Policy Forum 2017

What happens if we place women at the centre of our policy thinking and processes? Most policies are considered gender-neutral, yet policy impacts differentially upon women. This Forum brings together policy makers, advocates, practitioners and researchers from multiple sectors to cast a gender lens over policy design and implementation.

About the 2017 Women's Policy Forum

By examining selected key areas impacting women’s wellbeing, the Forum will trace the threads linking the lived experiences of diverse groups of women and the patterns of disadvantage that patriarchy creates. Presenters will explore how policy ‘lands’ for women and what tensions are held and challenges negotiated in the process.

Panels will explore themes of economic justice, the gendered segregated workforce, and the implications of these policy challenges for women’s rights to safe and affordable housing. They will also explore the impacts of this on women’s health – both mental and physical.

The Forum implements the ‘networked’ policy development model articulated within the Power to Persuade project (www.powertopersuade.org.au). It builds on the the momentum created through previous forums, addressing the key issues identified by delegates. The Forum encourages and supports gendered policy analysis and advocacy across a range of domains – not just those typically perceived of as pertinent to women.

It is about sharing knowledge and information, networking, and mobilizing for change.

Join the conversation and visit Power to Persuade, follow us on Twitter and use the hashtag #PTPWomen17.