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Conny (Cornelia) Lenneberg
August 5, 2022
Conny is an experience executive in the community and social justice sector, with 30 years diverse international and local experience from field practitioner to executive and governance leadership.  Her expertise is across leadership, strategy, and evidence-based community development practice.
Dr Andi Diamond
June 27, 2022
Andi is an experienced Chief Executive Officer having led diverse and complex organisation, she currently serves as the Chief Executive Office for the City of Monash. Andi is also the Chairperson of Business School Industry Advisory Board at Victoria University.
Emma Saunders
June 16, 2022
Emma is a business owner, consultant, and director. She works with governance boards with senior executives to find the best path to achieving an organisation’s vision. Her parents were health professionals and community volunteers, which sparked her belief in equity, service, and systems for strength. Emma gravitates toward tackling significant issues that compound disadvantages for people, particularly women.
Anthony Healy
August 26, 2021
Anthony has a strong track record of success in CEO, C-suite, and board-level roles in the finance sector over the past 28 years, including CEO of the Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) and Chief Customer Officer at National Australia Bank (NAB). With a family of social workers (and one Good Shepherd Sister!), he developed a strong commitment to social justice and financial inclusion.
Anne Astin AM PSM PhD
August 15, 2021
Anne is an experienced Board member, Chair and Executive with more than 25 years working in the areas of education and science, the food, beverage and pharmaceuticals industries, food safety regulation, energy, land management, environment, and social services.
Thu-Trang Tan
February 15, 2021
Thu-Trang is the CEO of Volunteer West. She is also a Commissioner of the Victorian Building Authority and a Sessional Commissioner of the Victorian Liquor Commission. Thu-Trang began her career as a commercial and information technology lawyer in Sydney.
Anne Cherry
December 14, 2020
Anne began her involvement with Good Shepherd in 2015 serving on the Rosemount Good Shepherd Board in NSW. As a member of the board of Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand, Anne is committed to supporting financial resilience and capacity building for women overcoming structural disadvantage.
Molina Asthana
December 14, 2020
Molina’s experience includes working in top tier firms Minter Ellison (Mergers & Acquisitions) and Clayton Utz (Banking & Finance) and the Victorian Government Solicitor’s Office. She has significant experience in the Indian jurisdiction, in the Supreme Court, with top law firms and as in-house counsel of a big conglomerate.
Gill Callister
December 13, 2020
Gill Callister is Chief Executive Officer of Mind Australia, a community-based mental health organisation with a long tradition of working with people with serious mental illness. She has dedicated her career to improving public policy and service delivery, particularly for vulnerable people in the community, and was recognised with a Public Service Medal in 2019.