Young people facing forced marriage are falling through the gaps

22 January 2017

“Forced marriage is still so cloaked in secrecy…the majority of young people facing forced marriage fall through the gaps.” Dr. Kathy Landvogt, Head of our Women's Research, Advocacy and Policy Centre, spoke with Herald Sun about the hidden crime of forced marriage in Australia and how more needs to be done to support women and girls at risk.

The article, published in Weekend, outlines how women and girls experiencing or at risk of forced marriage in Australia can only be referred to the government-funded support program aimed at victims of forced marriage if they instigate charges against their family via the Australian Federal Police. This puts women and girls in an incredibly difficult situation. With no freely accessible service in place and legal action being the only trigger for support, the 'majority' of young people facing forced marriage 'fall through the gaps,' according to Dr. Kathy Landvogt.

Good Shepherd is appealing to the community for donations to support a national research project into forced marriage.

The project will identify gaps in services across Australia for girls and young women who are vulnerable to forced marriage, and develop and trial resources for organisations to support staff to better help forced marriage victims and those at risk.

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