The Waranara Centre is #DoingSchoolDifferently

15 September 2016

This morning, we presented an evaluation of our secondary school The Waranara Centre at the Doing School Differently Conference in Melbourne. Principal Kirsty Rose and Good Shepherd Outcomes and Evaluation Specialist Lanie Stockman discussed ways the centre creates positive change in students’ attendance, engagement and behaviour – all critical to academic improvement.

While there is a growing body of research on the need for educational re-engagement programs for young people, there are few evaluations to inform the practice of re-engagement programs, particularly in showing student outcomes and the ways their achievement can be supported or inhibited.

The evaluation documents observable changes in young people through their involvement in the program to determine the extent to which they have progressed in four outcome areas: academic achievement, school engagement and retention, and options for future pathways.

The evaluation has involved a review of relevant literature and program records as well as interviews with current and former students, staff, carers and program partners.

Every young person has the right to access education in an environment that responds to their experiences, including those of mental ill health and trauma. By sharing our collective knowledge as educators, together we can #DoSchoolDifferently and enable all young people to realise their potential, regardless of their life experience.
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