Safe Spaces: A study on paid family violence leave

30 November 2017

As well as the physical and psychological damage it causes, the financial impacts of family violence on the lives of survivors can be devastating, and can affect their quality of life long after they have escaped the violence. Employers have a responsibility to support staff experiencing family violence to stay safe and rebuild their lives.

We teamed up with Women's Agenda to survey more than 500 women about their access to family violence leave at work. The vast majority of women felt paid family violence leave was important, yet more than a third (37%) said their employer did not offer it, and a further 17% said they were unsure if their employer offered such leave. 

Read more about the survey results in the Safe Spaces report.

Good Shepherd's family violence leave policy outlines the paid leave and other support we offer to staff who are experiencing or at risk of family violence. We're advocating for paid family violence leave to be available in all workplaces to reduce the short and long-term impacts family violence has on women's lives.


Call the 1800 Respect national helpline on 1800 737 732 for free, confidential family violence support 24hrs a week. For emergency situations that require immediate and urgent assistance call 000.