A morning with Farwha Nielsen, cross-cultural mediation specialist

12 February 2019

Farwha Nielsen, Danish cross-cultural mediation specialist, will share her method of mediation that's been used successfully across Scandinavia in assisting individuals and families facing forced marriage.

Farwha is the author of “intercultural dialogue and conflict mediation” and for the last 20 years has worked systematically with family conflicts and honour-related issues such as forced marriage. She regularly collaborates with government, non-government organisations, education institutions and law enforcement, and her expertise in working with traumatised refugee families saw her nominated for a Sydney Peace Prize in 2017.

At this event, Farwha will share her insights in developing and implementing her unique model of mediation targeted at assisting families to communicate openly and safely in complex situations, including forced marriage. The approach as it’s been implemented across Scandinavia has seen positive results in maintaining family relationships and preventing forced marriages from occurring.

When: 12 February 2019, 9:30am
Where: University of Technology Sydney

Click here: Bookings essential. Tickets are limited.

This event is hosted by the NSW Forced Marriage Network and sponsored by Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand.