Apology to residents who suffered in institutional care

From the late 1860s to the late 1970s, the Sisters of the Good Shepherd provided residential care for children and young people who were unable to live with their families, had no accommodation within the community or were not attending school.

During these times, charitable organisations and religious orders were called on to shelter children and young people who were neglected or abused. We recognise and acknowledge that the conditions within these shelters were tough and isolating for many. We recognise and acknowledge the pain that many children and young people felt at that time.

The Sisters of the Good Shepherd apologise whole-heartedly to those who experienced mistreatment and neglect whilst in our care. We empathise with the suffering that children and young people went through—and the unresolved grief they live with today.

This apology is part of our ongoing commitment to acknowledging our mistakes and ensuring the wrongs of the past are not repeated.

The Sisters of the Good Shepherd also support the work that other institutions are doing to protect children and young people from all forms of neglect and abuse. Likewise, the Sisters support the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. This inquiry gives survivors a voice, brings to light the details of their experiences and acknowledges the suffering that continues today.

For over 25 years, the Sisters of the Good Shepherd have communicated with and supported people who experienced institutional hardship while they were in our care. We will continue to reach out and listen to those who have been affected.

For support, please call us on 1800 812 702. You can also email us at province.leader@goodshep.org.au

We are committed to ensuring that our value of reconciliation remains central to our ongoing mission.