Our vision and purpose

Through our work we continue the mission of the Good Shepherd Sisters and envision a world that is just, equal and upholds human rights for all.

Our vision is to create an emotionally, economically and physically safe world for women and girls.

Our purpose is to disrupt the intergenerational cycle of disadvantage and enable fullness of life, especially for women and girls.

We achieve this by providing community-based programs and services that support women and children to build their safety and resilience, increase their access to education opportunities and improve their financial security.

Our areas of specialisation include:

  • Safety and resilience
  • Educational pathways
  • Financial security

Our values of reconciliation, zeal, justice, audacity and the value of each person guide us in the work we do. 

Our mission is ingrained in everything we do. In keeping with our heritage and core values—begun by the Good Shepherd Sisters nearly 200 years ago—we remain committed to the pursuit of a better world for women and girls.

Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand is a registered charity.

Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand is a registered charity.